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Develop a strategic communication plan that includes measurable objectives focused on moving the district toward achieving its goals.

  1. Follow proven public relations principles and practices.
  2. Seek Board of Education approval and update the strategic communications plan annually.
  3. Incorporate communications planning into the daily work of staff.
  4. Communicate with objectives in mind and avoid jumping to preferred strategies and tactics.
  5. Refocus strategies from increasing communication output to increasing stakeholder understanding and engagement.
  6. Include proactive issues management as part of communication planning.
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Develop a strategic communication plan.

  1. Use the RPIE method to design the strategic communication plan.
  2. Refocus strategies to increase stakeholder understanding and engagement.
  3. Include proactive issues management as a component of communication planning.
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Strengthen the value and usefulness of LBUSD’s communication plan by including measurable objectives and research-based strategies.

  1. Follow the four-step strategic PR planning process.
  2. Include "SMART" objectives in communication planning.
  3. Create mini communication plans for new programs and initiatives
  4. Plan a communications team retreat to evaluate current efforts.
  5. Create a crisis communication plan.
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