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Golden Achievement

Golden Achievement logoNOTE: The deadline to submit 2022 Golden Achievement Award entries has now passed. See winners of the 2022 awards here, and stay tuned for 2023 entry information at the end of January.

NSPRA’s Golden Achievement Award recognizes outstanding, strategic work in all aspects of school public relations, communication, marketing and engagement. View a list of past Golden Achievement winners.

Winners are recognized nationally at the NSPRA National Seminar each year and receive an award certificate by mail.

Information on how to submit a Golden Achivement Award entry,  judging information, eligible submission categories and more can be found below.

There are no specific categories for entries in the Golden Achievement Award contest, but following are examples of programs, projects, campaigns and activities to consider entering:

  • Community outreach and public engagement initiatives
  • Parent involvement campaigns/programs
  • Marketing/branding campaigns
  • Bond/finance election campaigns
  • Internal communication programs
  • Staff and student recognition programs
  • School safety and wellness programs
  • Crisis communication and response
  • Customer service programs
  • Education advocacy programs/coalitions

Golden Achievement Award entries must be organized into a single PDF file. The entry is limited to no more than six pages in total (packaged in a single PDF). An entry must include:

  • Summary of the program/project/campaign (page max = 1): Summarize the program/project/campaign by demonstrating how it followed the four-step strategic public relations planning process of research, planning, implementation and evaluation (RPIE). Do not exceed one page.

An entry may include:

  • Additional support materials demonstrating outstanding, strategic work as part of the program/project/campaign. Samples, brief synopses or hyperlinks to materials (websites, videos, social media, etc.) are sufficient. Do not exceed five pages.

Review entries from the most recent Golden Achievement Award winners before preparing your entry.

NSPRA uses as judges a variety of association members and public relations professionals who are experienced, award winning and accredited. Judges' identities are kept confidential.

When reviewing Golden Achievement Award entries, they judge each entry individually based on strategic communication best practices, good writing and alignment with entry guidelines. Judges score the entry against the following criteria:

  • Research (25% of score): What evidence is there of careful analysis of the need for the program/project/campaign? Is there any primary or secondary research? Are there stated goals and measurable objectives?
  • Planning (25% of score): What evidence is there of thoughtful planning to address the need for the program/project/campaign? Are strategies, tactics, target audiences, budgets, resources and staff responsibilities identified?
  • Implementation (25% of score): What evidence is there that strategies, tactics and activities were carried out as planned?
  • Evaluation (25% of score): What evidence is there that evaluation components were included in plan development and carried out to measure success in achieving desired outcomes? Are there any recommendations for future improvements or next steps?

Each entry will be judged individually against the contest criteria—not against other entries. Judges will select as many winners as meet the criteria.

Golden Achievement Award entries must be submitted ​at

  • Entry: Compile all entry materials into a single PDF document that is no more than six pages in total. Multiple support materials will not be accepted.
  • Fee: $85 per entry for NSPRA members, $125 per entry for non-members
  • Deadline: TBD for 2023 entries

NSPRA staff will notify all Golden Achievement Award entrants as to the status of their entries via mail in June.

Each winning entry will receive a certificate suitable for framing. Winners also will be:

  • Invited to attend the Annual Meeting and Celebration of Achievement held on Sunday afternoon during the NSPRA National Seminar.
  • Recognized in a digital display at the Member Center in the Marketplace of the NSPRA National Seminar.
  • Recognized on the NSPRA website.