Sponsorship Opportunities With NSPRA

The National School Public Relations Association is the leader in developing professionals to communicate strategically, build trust and foster positive relationships in support of their communities. NSPRA has more than 2,200 members and more than 30 chapters, which provide local networking opportunities. Our audience of school communication leaders are diverse and spread across the United States and Canada.

Expand Your Reach

NSPRA offers a unique opportunity to connect with school leaders quickly and effectively. From e-newsletters to informative webinars to a National Seminar with more than 1,000 attendees, NSPRA members rely on a wide variety of member benefits to elevate their career. When you connect with school communication professionals through NSPRA's sponsorship program, you enhance the awareness and value of your brand.

Downoad the 2021-22 NSPRA Media Kit (PDF) for details on sponsorship opportunities with association e-newsletters, webinars, virtual corporate showcases and award programs.

Contact NSPRA at info@nspra.org or 301-519-0496 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and start connecting with NSPRA members!

Get to Know NSPRA

Following is breakdown of NSPRA membership by professional title and geographic location.

Our Audience graphic bubbles and US map