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In accordance with NSPRA Bylaws, the NSPRA Executive Board furthers the purposes of the association and the study and teaching of its ideals, ethics and unique features. It also assists in preparing programs for meetings of the association, authorizes committee appointments and formulates policies for NSPRA programs and services.

New members begin their terms on the first day of October following their election or appointment. Those terms are as follows:

  • The president holds office for one year.
  • The president-elect holds office for one year and then becomes president.
  • Regional vice presidents and the vice president for diversity engagement hold office for three years.
  • Vice presidents at large each hold office for a term of two years.

To contact the NSPRA Executive Board:

  • NSPRA members, click on the individual board members' names below for their contact information and more details on their professional backgrounds.
  • Non-members, please submit any inquiries for the NSPRA Executive Board to

2022-23 Executive Board Members

2022 - 2023
2022 - 2023
VP for Diversity Engagement
Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed
VP at Large — Superintendents
2021 - 2023
VP at Large for Engagement
 2022 - 2024
Northeast Region Vice President
2022 - 2025
Mideast Region Vice President
2022 - 2025
Southeast Region Vice President
2021 - 2024
North Central Region Vice President
2020 - 2023
South Central Region Vice President
2022 - 2023
Northwest Region Vice President
2021 - 2024
Southwest Region Vice President
2022 - 2025