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NSPRA’s Strategic Plan Results in
Accelerated Growth


As the National School Public Relations Association entered the second year of its five-year strategic plan for 2021-2024, results began to emerge because of the NSPRA Executive Board and staff’s laser focus on meeting the plan’s four goals. Membership grew at an historic rate, revenues significantly increased, internal efficiencies were accomplished and new high-impact programs were launched. 

In addition, NSPRA solidified its position and continued to be widely recognized as "the leader in school communication"™ as evidenced by the powerful partnerships created with several national education associations and the frequency of media inquiries on topics of critical interest to the nation. 

Above all, NSPRA’s success during 2021-2022 was rooted in the exceptional leadership of the Executive Board and the tireless commitment of the staff to achieve the association’s mission. 


Highlights of the 2021-2022 Year

  • Membership growth topped 2,400 for the first time in decades.
  • NSPRA had one of the highest profitable years with record net revenues of $239,539.
  • The inaugural Presidents Summit was held in Kansas City, Mo., to provide targeted professional development for chapter presidents, presidents-elect and executive directors/administrators.
  • The first official School Communicators Day was celebrated on May 13, 2022, to recognize the outstanding work of school communicators throughout the United States and Canada.
  • More than 1,500 attendees – a record-breaking number – networked and learned at the NSPRA 2022 National Seminar in Chicago.
  • Members approved several changes to NSPRA Bylaws, including the creation of the new Professional Partner membership category for those who have professional educational public relations responsibilities in a for-profit capacity.   
  • NSPRA welcomed its newest chapter, the New England School Public Relations Association (NESPRA), which comprises Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, plus the eastern Canadian provinces.
  • A new mentoring program, Mentor Match, was introduced to meet a growing member need for one-to-one advice and counseling.
  • The new NSPRA Academy was launched for mid-level practitioners who want to gain additional training and knowledge in strategic planning for public relations programs and campaigns.
  • The Executive Board approved adding three new association staff positions to ensure NSPRA continues to meet the goals of the 2021-2024 strategic plan.
  • Staff executed plans to conduct member research and design the first new NSPRA website in 10 years as well as launch a new association management system for greater efficiencies.
2022 Presidents Summit

2021-2022 NSPRA Executive Board members at the inaugural Presidents Summit in Kansas City, Mo.

More than 1,500 attendees attended the 2022 National Seminar in Chicago.

More than 60 mentor-mentee relationships were made last year via the Mentor Match program.

Staff executed plans to design the first new NSPRA website in 10 years and adopt a new association management system.


“In my entire career, I have never belonged to such a collaborative, supportive community of practice as NSPRA. The newsletters and seminars are goldmines of information and helpful contacts. I am so grateful for this organization.”       

 - 2022 Membership Profile Survey Respondent

Powerful Partnerships for Purpose

One of the ways in which NSPRA displays its leadership in school communications is through the powerful partnerships formed with other national education associations to benefit members. 

AASA logo
  • NSPRA created a new partnership with AASA, the School Superintendents Association, to launch the first Leadership in School Communication program, a unique opportunity for teams of superintendents and their communication professionals to learn how to improve their districts’ communication program.
CoSN logo
ASBO logo
  • NSPRA and the Association for School Business Officials International (ASBO) partnered to provide targeted professional development on the importance of the relationship between the district’s finance and communications offices.


NSPRA by the Numbers in 2021-2022



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NSPRA members who participated in the three APR Cohorts offered during the year


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NSPRA Continues Historic Membership Growth


NSPRA has welcomed 249 new members, who are now seeing firsthand the incredible value of the wide range of programs and services that association membership offers. NSPRA board and staff leaders continued their laser focus on listening to members and delivering targeted programs that met members' needs for high quality learning and networking.


Chart of membership growth numbers.

Audit Committee Commends Staff and Board for Financial Stewardship

A Report of the NSPRA Audit Committee

In January 2023, independent auditor Nancy Johnson with the UHY LLP accounting firm presented the Audit Report of the National School Public Relations Association and Affiliate for the fiscal year (FY) ending August 31, 2022, to the Audit and Finance Committees. A written report, distributed in advance, included a detailed audit for FY2022. 

The report clearly outlines the financial position of the National School Public Relations Association and Affiliate. Ms. Johnson assured the Committee that the organization has followed generally accepted accounting principles, maintained internal controls, and presented no negative audit findings.

Based on our review, NSPRA’s Audit Committee recommends that the audit be accepted. We also offer the following observations:

  • NSPRA’s unrestricted fund balance increased to $1,824,256 in FY2022. This is a $239,539 increase from FY2021, when the unrestricted fund balance was $1,584,717.
    • This is largely due to an increase in revenue from seminar/conferences, specifically $127,398 in FY2022 vs. $52,706 in FY2021 and revenue from the new Leadership in School Communication (LISC) program, $76,097 in FY2022 vs. $0 in FY2021.
  • The $111,900 received through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), established under the CARES Act, has been fully forgiven.
  • NSPRA's total net investment income for FY2022 was ($40,180) vs. $27,079 in FY2021.
  • The Foundation for Advancement of Education: Scholarship and Leadership funds increased in FY2022, with total net assets with donor restrictions to $74,147 vs. $61,875 in FY2021.

The Audit Committee commends the entire NSPRA staff for its leadership, in addition to its dedication and commitment to their jobs and the mission of NSPRA. We would also like to thank and commend the NSPRA Board for its support and guidance. 

Respectfully submitted,

Tracy Jentz, APR, board liaison
Kate Crowder
Phil Campbell

Chart reflecting increase in NSPRA assets over the last five years.


Chart showing percentages of revenues

LISC is Leadership in School Communication Program


2022 National Seminar Offered the Best in Professional Development


Known widely as the premier professional development experience for school communicators, the NSPRA 2022 National Seminar in Chicago, July 17-20, proved to be a resounding success with a record-breaking 1,551 attendees and 34 sponsors. New features in 2022 included a Relaxation Station, networking lunches with optional brown bags on site, a closing Marketplace reception and two sessions of Gold Mine presentations.

Reflecting on more than 100 skill sessions, amplify sessions, corporate showcases, Gold Mine roundtables and stellar networking events, 95 percent of attendees rated the 2022 Seminar as excellent or good.

2022 Seminar attendees 2022 Seminar attendees 2022 Seminar attendees

“I liked most connecting with colleagues and seeing the wider picture of school communications across the country … all of us pulling on the same rope to lift all boats was a salve to my soul and brain.”     
- 2022 Seminar Survey Respondent

NSPRA members

A Look Ahead for NSPRA and You in the Coming Year
  • Beginning in September, a new Academy program will be offered for new professionals who have been working in school communications for seven or fewer years.
  • Look for the launch of a new National School Communicator of the Year Award, which will honor one individual for their extraordinary achievements in school public relations.
  • The results of the 2022 Membership Profile Survey will be released along with trends and insights for the school public relations profession.
  • NSPRA will continue to offer more ways to learn and grow with free virtual programs for members such as the new Mini-Labs, PR Power Hours, Leaders Learn and Corporate Showcases.
  • And much more!

Thank You to Our 2021-2022 NSPRA Executive Board!

Cathy Kedjidjian, APR
Nicole Kirby, APR
2021 - 2022
Cathy Kedjidjian, APR
Cathy Kedjidjian, APR
2021 - 2022
Music Watson, APR
Music Watson, APR
VP for Diversity Engagement
Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed
Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed
VP at Large — Superintendents
2021 - 2023
Josh Sauer, APR
VP at Large Tech. & Innovation
 2020- 2022
Angela Marshall
Angela Marshall
Northeast Region Vice President
2019 - 2022
Patrick Galloway
Patrick Galloway
Mideast Region Vice President
2019 - 2022
Cindy Warner, APR
Cindy Warner, APR
Southeast Region Vice President
2021 - 2024
Tracy Jentz, APR
Tracy Jentz, APR
North Central Region Vice President
2020 - 2023
Melissa McConnell
Melissa McConnell
South Central Region Vice President
2022 - 2023
Phillip Campbell
Phillip Campbell
Northwest Region Vice President
2021 - 2024
Joe Ferdani, APR
Joe Ferdani, APR
Southwest Region Vice President
2019 - 2022

View the current NSPRA Executive Board here.

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NSPRA’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

Adopted in June 2021 by the NSPRA Executive Board, the strategic plan provides staff with a roadmap guided by a new mission statement and four major goal areas:

Mission Statement

NSPRA is the leader in developing professionals to communicate strategically, build trust and foster positive relationships in support of their school communities.  

Goal 1: Be known as the leader in school communications.

Goal 2: Grow and retain membershipGoal 3" Ensure efficient, effective and up-to-date systems.Goal 4: Deliver relevant, high impact programs.