Having an Impact on Learning



PR Pro and Principal Team Up on Marketing Schools

In our era of competition in which parents choose their schools, this new book delivers strategic advice on how to focus your communication and engagement efforts. You’ll understand the critical importance of providing substance to your messages that communicate just what all great schools and systems are about — learning, teaching, and achievement.

Teaming up for this effort in a great collaboration, two experienced professionals give you first-hand, real-world approaches. Kelly Wachel, a veteran school communicator and NSPRA member, knows what works with parents and the greater community when talking about public relations strategies and tactics dealing with today’s perceptions of public education. Matt Wachel, a veteran principal and education leader, realistically sees this mission of communication and engagement from the inside out. His experience working with teachers, students, and parents for many years gives us the insight to focus on what’s really important in today’s schools.

Learn how principals and public relations directors can work in harmony. School leaders and communicators must be on the same page when we tell the story of education. We are all storytellers and we have to be able to tell the story together.

This work also helps define what achievement really means. The authors note that achievement needs to first talk about the progress we are making with all our children — not just on standardized test scores. When all children come to us, we must show parents and others just how much progress their children have made and continue to make. Parents appreciate that type of communication a great deal more than knowing a score on state or national test.

By connecting with parents about their children, we all become partners in the achievement process. By demonstrating progress at all levels, you’ll quickly build your brand and create a positive reputation for your teachers, staff, and all your schools.

If you are serious about making a communication impact for your schools, follow the Wachels’ advice and insight and you will be on your way of planning a path to communication success.