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Make Your Case Toolkit

The NSPRA 2024 National Seminar is the premier communications-focused professional development event for school public relations professionals, superintendents and education leaders. Need a little help to convince your supervisor or demonstrate the Seminar's value to your board? Check out the toolkit we've put together below. Customize as needed and help demonstrate the value you can bring back to your district or organization by attending NSPRA 2024!

NSPRA 2022 Seminar attendees and speaker.

STEP 1: Provide examples of how attending NSPRA 2024 aligns with your district's or organization's goals. With 100+  breakout sessions on topics specific to your job and program needs, you'll learn practical, innovative strategies and tactics to apply right away. Session focus areas include:

  • Branding/Marketing
  • Crises
  • Career
  • Engagement
  • Ethics
  • Equity
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactics
  • Wellness

NSPRA 2022 Seminar attendees and speaker.

STEP 2: Emphasize the value of NSPRA 2024. You won’t find a better investment of time and money that benefits both your schools and your professional development in one place. 

Numbers above are representative of industry standards for professional development offerings.

NSPRA 2022 Seminar attendees.

STEP 3: Make your case in writing. Download sample messaging and customize as needed to help your boss or board understand how the actionable ideas and strategies presented at the Seminar will help enhance the effectiveness of your school communication programs and initiatives. Tip: Research whether your Seminar registration fee can be covered by district ESSER funds!