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Request a Communication Audit, Review or Survey

NSPRA offers three services to assist school districts with assessing the effectiveness of their current communication strategies; identifying strengths, weaknesses and communication gaps; and recommending proven, cost-effective tactics for achieving communication goals.

Focus Group

Communication Audit

The NSPRA Communication Audit establishes vital benchmarks to evaluate a school district’s communication program, and when used as a follow-up reassessment several years down the line, it helps ensure a district remains on track for delivering an exemplary, cost-effective and impactful communication program.

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Communication Review

The NSPRA Communication Review is intended for smaller school systems of fewer than 3,500 students that either do not have communications staff or are newly launching a communication position/program. 

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SCOPE Survey™

NSPRA’s SCOPE Survey—or School Communication Performance Evaluation—takes the guesswork out of communication by telling communication leaders how, when and on what topics their internal and external stakeholders want information. 

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