NSPRA currently has 33 active chapters across the United States. NSPRA also has members across the U.S. territories and in Canada.

To see a list of NSPRA's current active Chapter Officers, please visit our Chapter Officers page.

NSPRA Bylaws do not require NSPRA members to be chapter members, but many members join both NSPRA and their state or regional chapter. Chapter officers however are required to belong to NSPRA. For more information, see the NSPRA Bylaws.

In Their Own Words: The Value of National Membership

NSPRA Governance

NSPRA is governed by a 12-member executive board, which consists of the President, President- elect, Vice President of Diversity Engagement, Vice President at-Large - Superintendents, Vice President at-Large for Communication Technology Innovation and seven Regional Vice Presidents distributed geographically in the Northeast, Mideast, Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwest, and Southwest regions of the United States, its territories and Canada; and an Executive Director.