Nominate Your Superintendent for the Communication Technology Award

NSPRA is proud to sponsor the Communication Technology Award for Superintendents in partnership with Blackboard

The award recognizes a superintendent of a K-12 school system, intermediate unit, BOCES or County Education Office for leadership in redefining, upgrading and integrating cutting-edge communication technology to improve and expand outreach and engagement with education stakeholders — both internal and external.

Nominations for the 2022 award closed on Feb. 1. Read more about Jared Cotton, Ed.D., superintendent of Chesapeake (Va.) Public Schools, who was selected as the recipient of the 2022 award.


Eligible nominees must:

  • Be a superintendent of a K-12 public school system, intermediate unit, BOCES or County Education Office.
  • Currently be employed by a U.S. or Canadian K-12 public school system.

Nominees do not have to be an NSPRA member.

Nomination Components 

The nomination form includes areas to attach the following: 

  • A brief vita for the superintendent, outlining career highlights and professional achievements.
  • Up to four (4) letters of recommendation.
    • Up to two (2) letters of recommendation from external audiences, who are not employed by the school system (e.g., parent groups, business or civic leaders, education leaders of other school systems).
    • Up to two (2) letters of recommendation from  internal audiences, who are employed by or who lead the school system (e.g., employees, employee associations, school board members).
  • An executive summary (no more than 4 pages) that explains how the superintendent and staff work together to redefine, upgrade and integrate cutting-edge communication technology to improve and expand outreach and engagement with education stakeholdersIn the executive summary, include web links to supporting publications or examples (e.g., newsletters, communication plans, information brochures, websites, blogs, etc.) that illustrate the communication technology tools described.

In the nomination, be sure to do the following:

  • Demonstrate how the communication technology tools are tied to the goals and objectives of the school system.
  • Demonstrate the type of new communication technology tools the superintendent has added and how the system is applying them to communicate and engage with a variety of audiences. 
  • Follow the four-step process that the application requires, including research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Demonstrate how measurable results are attributable to the overall communication program and the superintendent’s professional goals. 

Recipient Selection

Judging will emphasize the type of new communication technology tools that the nominee has added and how the nominee is applying them to improve and expand outreach and engagement with a variety of education stakeholders. Following are the criteria to be considered by judges: 

  • The superintendent's school system has a plan that integrates a strategic technology communication component.
  • The superintendent supports a culture of transparent, two-way communication.
  • The superintendent models the use of communication technology for all school administrators.
  • The superintendent holds all school administrators accountable for effectively using communication technology.
  • The superintendent uses a variety of communication technology tools to improve and expand outreach and engagement with education stakeholders, both internal and external audiences.
  • The superintendent's communication technology usage is monitored and measured. 
  • Communication activities related to this award were implemented during the current or most recently preceding school year.

The nominee's school district does not have to use the services of Blackboard as a prerequisite to apply, and no purchase is necessary.

Recognition and Award Presentation

The current year Communication Technology Award winner will receive:

  • Complimentary registration to the upcoming NSPRA National Seminar,
  • A formal presentation of the award during a General Session at the Seminar and
  • One night of lodging, arranged by NSPRA, for the evening before the award presentation. 

The award winner also will be invited to present a Skill Session during the Seminar. 

For more information, contact NSPRA at or 301-519-0496.

View a list of previous recipients.

The Communication Technology Award for Superintendents program is sponsored by Blackboard. Blackboard, a proud sponsor of NSPRA, believes that communication plays a critical role in bringing together and optimizing all the resources that contribute to student success: communities, families, teachers, administrators, and the students themselves.

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