2016 Barry Gaskins Mentor Legacy Award Winner: Tim Hensley, APR

The Barry Gaskins Mentor Legacy Award recognizes a practicing school public relations professional for: outstanding efforts in mentoring colleagues new to school public relations; providing counsel and advice on job success; and assisting colleagues in their professional development by creating or providing programs and activities designed to improve PR skills and knowledge.

2016 Barry Gaskins Mentor Legacy Award Recipient

Tim Hensley, APRTim Hensley, APR
Assistant to the Superintendent
Floyd County Schools, Rome, Ga.

If you take a minute to review the criteria for the Barry Gaskins Mentor Legacy Award and match it against the career and professional accomplishments of Tim Hensley, APR, in very short order you will discover that you have checked off each and every one of the listed criteria for consideration.

Over the course of his 27 years as assistant to the superintendent and lead communicator for Floyd County Schools in Rome, Georgia, Tim’s dedication to school PR, the professional development of colleagues and to serving others has been a constant characteristic of his career.

His commitment to helping others achieve their fullest potential in the world of communication, school PR and the ranks of education administration extends far beyond Georgia to across the nation.

Tim goes out of his way to meet new PR professionals, and those new to GSPRA and NSPRA (as well as long-time members) find him to be very approachable and extremely generous with his time, expertise, care and concern for all who work in the school PR trenches with him. He always answers the call for help from colleagues near and far with tried-and-true answers and advice, jumping in wherever he is needed. As one colleague describes him, “Tim is the ultimate ‘utility player,’ simply willing and more than capable of doing anything he’s called upon to do.”

He is also an enthusiastic advocate for Accreditation, providing practical support and encouragement for those considering the pursuit of their APR. He has chaired NSPRA’s Accreditation Committee and for the past several years co-presented the APR Prep Pre-Seminar Workshop at the NSPRA Seminar.

But it is Tim’s quiet and welcoming leadership style that has made a lasting mark on NSPRA, GSPRA and chapters across the country. Whether serving as GSPRA President, NSPRA Southeast Region Vice President or NSPRA President, he has been an unwavering advocate for public education and our profession. Even though he has served in our association’s highest offices, he still participates in every meeting, conference and Seminar with the same enthusiasm he had as an up-and-coming leader.

While his rich signature baritone has made him the “voice” of his hometown sports teams and a popular presenter, it is his passion for “intentional listening” that makes him a standout counselor and mentor. In her letter of nomination, GSPRA President-elect Cindy Ball shared how Tim has influenced her in her career. Says Cindy, “I saw a man who had proven his worth at the head table in his district and I knew his path was one I wanted to follow in my own district. He earned the respect, trust and confidence of his superintendent, board members and others to become a top administrator. Tim’s influence and guidance over the years helped me shape my own career goals and become the leader I am today. As GSPRA President-elect, I hope to be able to follow his footsteps in helping others grow professionally and become the ‘Tim Hensley’ of their districts.”

It is clear that Tim’s professional legacy epitomizes the intent of the Barry Gaskins Mentor Legacy Award and we are proud to recognize him with this honor and thank him for his service to NSPRA, our members and public education.

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