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Webinar Descriptions

Leaders Learn

Leaders Learn webinars are virtual panel discussions presented five times each school year that focus on strategic communication best practices. They feature leading communication professionals and/or outside industry experts.

PR Power  Hour

PR Power Hour webinars presented five times each school year that focus on school PR/communication tactics, tips and best practices. They feature a communication professional(s) and are moderated by members of the NSPRA Executive Board.

Mini Labs

Mini Labs is a webinar series with a detailed focus on how to use web tools and equipment. Colleagues and experts share their insight on topics designed to help members hone their technical and tactical skills.

Corporate Showcases

Corporate Showcases are monthly 30-minute webinars presented by industry leading product and service suppliers, who share their expertise, best practices and data insights as they relate to the work of school communicators. Stay informed about industry trends, products, technology and services

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