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SCOPE Surveys: Get Valuable Research for Your District's Communication Program

Author: NSPRA Staff/Thursday, February 1, 2024/Categories: News

Of the 12,000 parents who have taken NSPRA’s SCOPE Survey in the last 12 months, nearly 60 percent rate their overall satisfaction with communication from their school districts as excellent or above average. How do you think the parents in your local schools would rate their satisfaction with district communications? 

If you have ever wondered about the effectiveness of your school communication efforts and how they compare to other districts nationwide, NSPRA’s proprietary SCOPE Survey -- the School Communication Performance Evaluation -- has the answers! 

SCOPE helps school districts identify both their communication strengths and areas of opportunity, capturing quantitative data and open-ended comments of local stakeholders, and in key areas, evaluating the results against national benchmarks. It also delves into questions about district perceptions that can guide marketing and branding efforts. 

SCOPE helps district leaders and communication professionals answers questions about: 

  • How effective are our communication channels? How do our stakeholders get information now, and how do they prefer to get it? 
  • How informed are our stakeholders in key areas such as leader decisions, district plans and district finances? 
  • Do our stakeholders know how to seek information, provide input and become involved in the district? 
  • Do our stakeholders perceive communications to be understandable, timely, accurate, transparent and trustworthy? 

The data gathered in the SCOPE Survey can then be put to immediate use to help your district share information more quickly and efficiently, and ultimately build greater understanding and support for your district’s strategic goals.  

NSPRA members also receive a discount on SCOPE Survey services. 

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