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Welcome to a NSPRA New Year!

A Memo From Your Executive Director

Author: Barbara Hunter/Wednesday, September 8, 2021/Categories: News

Welcome to a NSPRA New Year!

As we head into a new school year, there are also some changes ahead for NSPRA members. As part of our strategic planning process earlier this year, we listened to our members about what they wanted from NSPRA. We heard you loud and clear: fewer emails, more compelling content and free PR Power Hours for members. 

You will now receive two newsletters a month (instead of the previous four) starting with this new monthly newsletter, Member Memo, which will highlight association news and updates to keep you informed of what’s happening within your professional community. 

In a couple of weeks, you will receive the second newsletter, Elevation, which is designed to provide news and insight to inspire ingenuity and excellence in school communications. 

Chapter leaders will still receive a quarterly newsletter, renamed Chapter Chat, that addresses specific issues related to running a healthy and profitable chapter. 

Second, the highly valued PR Power Hours will be free to all NSPRA members. The Power Hours will focus on tactics and best practices, while the new Leaders Learn webinars will dig into strategies and critical issues. These monthly alternating webinars will be available for purchase by non-members. 

Third, NSPRA has a new brand identity for the first time since the 1980s. The new NSPRA logo was revealed at the 2021 National Seminar to more than 1,000 in-person and virtual attendees.

Based on comprehensive brand research led by CESO Communications, which involved the feedback of more than 300 members and potential members, the new graphic identity clearly differentiates NSPRA and reflects the association's new direction. The effort was also guided with the input of an 11-member Branding Team composed of NSPRA members.

The new logo conveys NSPRA's brand personality, which is responsive, vibrant and nurturing. The lower case lettering conveys friendliness, responsiveness and the organization's welcoming stance. The arrow represents forward motion, celebration, energy, leadership and elevation of NSPRA members' work. The blue color is a nod to NSPRA's roots and previous identity (Although not exactly the same blue as the previous NSPRA logo, it is a complementary one.), while the teal color represents vibrancy.

The tagline, "the leader in school communication," remains the same as it aligns with NSPRA's new strategic plan. 

As always, we invite you to share your thoughts on how we’re doing by emailing us at

Barbara M. Hunter, APR
Executive Director
National School Public Relations Association


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