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Call for Candidates

Heidi Vega, APRThe NSPRA Executive Board furthers the mission, goals and values of the association. It also assists in preparing programs, authorizes committee appointments and approves and formulates policies. NSPRA’s Executive Board Search Committee (EBSC) is currently seeking candidates for each elected NSPRA Executive Board office that will become available in October 2024. Interested in running? Watch the "Elevate Your Engagement: Get Involved at NSPRA" replay.

The three open offices in elected positions are as follows:

  • President-elect (Pictured is the current president-elect delivering her candidate speech in July 2023.)
  • Southeast Region Vice President (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands)
  • Northwest Region Vice President (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, Alberta, BC, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Yukon)

Members from the states of Idaho and Alabama are not eligible to run this year for the two open offices for regional vice president, according to association bylaws. This state restriction does not apply to candidates for president-elect or vice president for engagement.

To be eligible for consideration as a candidate for an elected office with NSPRA, members must meet the following qualifications (NSPRA Policy 205.12):

  • Have maintained a professional membership in NSPRA for the past five consecutive years;
  • Be a member of their state SPRA chapter if one exists;
  • Have leadership and service experience with a SPRA chapter, on an NSPRA committee/task force/project team or with a Universal Accreditation Board (UAB)-member organization;
  • Have at least three years of NSPRA National Seminar attendance; and
  • Comply with association policies on elections and campaigning for NSPRA office.

NSPRA members who wish to apply to be considered as candidates:

The election for any contested positions will be held in August, and successful candidates will assume office in October.

Should qualified candidates for office run uncontested, no election will be held and the candidates will be affirmed by acclamation of the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting and Celebration of Achievement during the NSPRA 2024 National Seminar on Sunday, July 14.

For more information about running for office, contact EBSC Chair Melissa Robinette at

Guide to Running For an NSPRA Office

Members interested in running for the NSPRA Executive Board should check the annual call for candidates when it is posted in January and review the guide to running for an NSPRA office, which can be accessed below.

Candidate Guide