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Trent Allen, APR, Installed as 2023-24 NSPRA President

Author: Andrew Robinson/Monday, July 24, 2023/Categories: News

Trent Allen, APR, Installed as 2023-24 NSPRA President

As the NSPRA 2023 National Seminar came to a close yesterday, a new chapter began with the installation of Trent Allen, APR, as the association's 2023-24 president at the NSPRA President Installation and Gold Medallion Awards Ceremony Luncheon on Wednesday afternoon.

Following remarks from outgoing president Cathy Kedjidjian, APR, who expressed her gratitude to NSPRA members around the country for welcoming her to state and regional chapter meetings throughout the year—and underscored the commitment of NSPRA's deeply engrained values of ensuring the association is one where all are welcome and belong—Allen spoke on his vision for the association's future.

"When I jumped into the running for president-elect, I did so without an agenda or pre-formed plan," he said. "What I did have was motivation. Since 2020, what we do has become more difficult than ever. The connections that we work so hard to build to support our students, families, staff and our constituents seems not only harder but sometimes downright near impossible to do as our nation and our communities become more polarized."

Allen continued: "We can’t and won’t give up. Together, we will continue our important work on behalf of our students, and I am proud to be among all of you who strive to bring forward the voices of our communities, especially of those voices who have historically not been heard."

Emphasizing the value connection, Allen also underscored the importance of inclusivity.

"We must be intentional if we are to achieve not only inclusion but true belonging of all of our members," he said. "It means making sure that we give voice to all of our members by expanding how and when we ask for input and feedback to better know their needs. And, it means making sure that members can be themselves as they participate, no matter who they are."

About Trent Allen, APR

Allen has dedicated his career to education having served in higher education, an intermediary support agency (county office of education), and for the last 17 years in one of California’s largest school districts. As San Juan Unified’s chief of staff, he supports the successful implementation of district-wide initiatives and high-priority cross-departmental efforts by working to ensure effective communication, collaboration and organization at all levels. He also directly supports the district’s communication, family and community engagement, safety and grants teams.

Allen will take office on October 1, 2023.

Fast Facts About Trent Allen, APR

During his president-installation speech, Allen ran through a quick list of 50+ fun and fast facts about himself, some of which included:

🎶 He knows the words to Billy Joel's "We Didn’t Start the Fire" by heart.

❄️ He'd rather be cold than hot.

🏫 His first communication job was media relations in higher education.

💚 Green is his favorite color.

🤳 No iPhones for Trent. Google Pixel for the win.



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