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New NSPRA Report Explores How False Information Impacts Schools and Students

Author: NSPRA Staff/Friday, June 14, 2024/Categories: News

Report CoverThe National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) today shares its latest research report, “From Distortion to Clarity: Empowering School Districts to Overcome False Information.”

As school communications professionals, we are no strangers to the challenge of responding to misinformation and rumors. But today’s landscape is unprecedented, with false information impacting school districts to an alarming degree.

This comprehensive report delves into member survey data and background information on false information and offers detailed strategies, tactics and actionable advice based on the experiences of the NSPRA community.

What's Inside

πŸ“ Survey insights: Gain insight from member surveys into the growing concerns among school communicators about false information, the most common topics targeted and its impact on a district’s reputation.

🌐 Real-world scenarios: Explore fictionalized examples based on members' experiences where misinformation arose in school communities.

πŸ’‘ Member advice: See how NSPRA members address these scenarios and effectively correct false information.

πŸ“– Easy-to-use guides: Access NSPRA's guides on actionable strategies for developing proactive communication, building trust and deciding when to respond to false information.

How to Use This Report

πŸ“€ Share with district leaders: After reading this report, share it with superintendents, principals and board members, as it offers valuable insights that can inform policy decisions and enhance communication strategies. Additionally, consider using the report as a discussion point in future cabinet or reorganizational meetings.

πŸ“š Create internal training: Develop training sessions for your communications team and/or administrators. Focus on identifying false information, understanding its sources and implementing effective response strategies. Use the fictionalized scenarios from the report to create realistic training exercises suited to your district.

🚨 Enhance your crisis communication preparedness: Integrate the report’s findings into your district’s crisis communication plans, ensuring that they include comprehensive strategies for dealing with misinformation. Consider conducting regular crisis simulations that include misinformation scenarios to train staff on how to respond effectively.

πŸ” Review and refine your regular practices: Evaluate your current communication practices and policies. Use the report’s recommendations to identify areas needing improvement and ensure your district is well-prepared to handle false information.

We hope this report will be a valuable resource for you and your team in addressing the challenges posed by false information and will continue to support you in your efforts to foster trust and transparency in your district.

Access Report

Attending the NSPRA 2024 National Seminar? Hear from a panel of industry professionals and researchers from the United States and Canada on the challenges of false information and share proven strategies for overcoming those challenges at the From Distortion to Clarity: Empowering School Districts to Overcome False Information session on Tuesday, July 16, at 1:20 p.m. PT.


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