Volunteer Service Opportunities for Members

NSPRA Call 4 All Get Involved

Have you answered the call to get involved? NSPRA annually needs as many as 100 association members to volunteer for service in national leadership positions, on committees and as awards judges. There are a variety of volunteer service opportunities to suit a member’s unique professional interests and experiences.

NSPRA Executive Board Leadership Opportunities

Members of the NSPRA Executive Board stand in a courtyardNSPRA is governed by an Executive Board comprised of 12 officers: a president; president-elect; vice president of diversity engagement; seven regional vice presidents; and two appointed vice presidents at-large, who represent different interest groups among our membership. The NSPRA Executive Board furthers the mission, goals and values of the association. It also assists in preparing programs, authorizes committee appointments and approves and formulates policies. 

Learn more about the requirements to run for office and how to apply to be a candidate.

Watch a webinar on how and why to run for Executive Board office (broadcast live in March 2022).

Volunteer Service on Committees

People on a computer screenMany NSPRA members have supported their association colleagues through volunteer service on a standing committee or special committee.

  • Standing committees include the Accreditation Committee, Audit Committee, Executive Board Search Committee, Finance Committee and Teller Committee. 
  • Special committees include the Communication Equity and Diversity Task Force, the Communication Technology and Innovation Project Team, and the School Communication Benchmarking Project Team.

Each committee has specific responsibilities, and some have rules about who may serve  on the committee based on NSPRA Policy.  Time commitments for committee members vary, but all members are asked to be actively engaged in the work of their particular group.

Learn more about these committees or express interest in volunteer service on a committee.

Volunteer Service as an Awards Contest Judge

Gold Medallion Award logoIn 2021, NSPRA issued 824 Publications and Digital Media Excellence Awards, 84 Golden Achievement Awards and five Gold Medallion Awards. But the total volume of submissions was much higher! Helping to judge all submissions were experienced, award-winning public relations professionals. Additionally, judges for the Gold Medallion and Golden Achievement Awards are accredited in public relations (APR).

Learn more about these awards contests or express interest in volunteer service as an awards contest judge.

How Volunteer Service Benefits YOU

Volunteer service with the association can benefit you by providing you with:

  • National exposure as a school communications professional through NSPRA’s recognition of member volunteers;
  • Opportunities to hone professional areas of expertise;
  • Work that may qualify for continuing education units in the renewal process for accreditation in public relations;
  • Networking opportunities with fellow volunteers; and
  • The opportunity to give back to fellow members!

How Your Volunteer Service Benefits NSPRA Members

Over the years, volunteers have helped plan, develop and support a variety of programs and services for their fellow association members. Just a few of the volunteer-supported programs running today include the APR Cohort and panel presentations, webinars, National Seminar sessions, social media campaigns, board candidate recruitment campaigns and the ongoing updates to the Rubrics of Practice and Suggested Measures publication.