Diversity Communications Toolkit


The challenge of diversity engagement is not some other district’s issue — it is one that every school and district today faces, large or small, rural, suburban, or urban. Diversity communication challenges surface in any area where students and families are different from the dominant culture: be it based on race or ethnicity, language, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender or other characteristic. And, traditional communication strategies may not be effective in reaching these important stakeholders.

NSPRA’s Diversity Communications Toolkit offers school leaders a central resource that instantly provides an array of solutions to help plan and implement new and different communication strategies to reach increasingly diverse communities.

In this toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct research to reach diverse audiences;
  • Strategies to engage families and community;
  • Tips to increase your district's cultural competency;
  • How to create welcoming parent/family centers; and
  • How to implement translation/interpretation services;
  • And more.

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