Mind the Gap: Bridging Time-tested PR Issues to School PR Success Today

Mind the Gap Bridging Time-tested PR Issues to School PR Success Today

Explore the foundation of school public relations as a true management function in today’s public schools. Mind the Gap: Bridging Time-Tested PR Issues to School PR Success Today introduces new practitioners to what works best in the field through a look at the writings and practices of key leaders in public relations over the last few decades. Their work may reflect the eras in which they practiced, but their visions and teachings foreshadowed the complex, connected practice that school PR pros must navigate today.

If you are newer to school PR, see for yourself just how the profession has evolved and how your personal practice can grow with the time-tested approaches and principles in NSPRA’s legacy.

If you are working toward Accreditation in Public Relations, this resource will introduce many of the concepts and practices you will study in pursuit of your APR.


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