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Test Your Skills With Scored APR Practice Exam

Raise your comfort level and increase your confidence as you prepare to take the APR exam with a new resource from the Universal Accreditation Board. The UAB has taken a few retired test items to create a scored practice exam. After completion, test-takers see their results, with the percentage answered correctly, and can review the rationale supporting each correct and incorrect answer.

NSPRA members can purchase 14-day access to the online exam for only $35 using the special coupon code APRPRACTICE. This discount is available only to UAB participating organization members, and the non-member exam fee is $145. All fees help cover the charges from the testing vendor for each test-taker.

free demo examination based on the Prometric testing platform remains available among the candidate resources on UAB's accreditation website. It’s also a great way to practice marking answers and navigating through the platform.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your APR journey or well on your way, the practice exams and other resources are designed to help you navigate the process with confidence.