NSPRA 2020 National Seminar

NSPRA Statement on Cancellation of the National Seminar in July

Sadly, we’ve had to cancel the NSPRA 2020 National Seminar in St. Louis. The safety and health of all who are involved with planning and attending the NSPRA Seminar was the overriding factor in making our decision. Our priority remains your health, safety and well-being.

We’ve outlined the refund and credit process in the FAQ at https://www.nspra.org/seminar-faqs. After you read the FAQs, if you have any questions, please contact NSPRA staff member Marian Ceribo at mceribo@nspra.org.

On the plus side, we have already agreed to offer you the 2023 Seminar in St. Louis. We thank our MOSPRA Chapter for its work to date and look forward to working with them again three years from now. 

In the meantime, since we want to still offer you an opportunity to hone your skills and share with NSPRA members this summer, we’re working on an exciting new virtual program for your professional development. Once our virtual program comes together, we’ll tell you about the dates, topics and pricing.​