The Value of NSPRA Membership

For more than 85 years, NSPRA has been the Leader in School Communication, providing our association members with the virtual and in-person training, resources, products, services and counsel they need to excel in their roles as lead communicators. We have a solid reputation for delivering practical tips and proven strategies designed to help you improve and expand your school public relations, communications, marketing and public engagement efforts.

In addition to idea-packed e-newsletters, invaluable toolkits and resource materials, and discounts on products and the NSPRA National Seminar, members have access to a powerful network of school PR professionals across North America. Take advantage of all that an NSPRA membership can offer to help you advance your career, build your professional network, earn awards and become a recognized leader in school PR by joining online now! You can also use this form to mail or fax your membership application.

Enjoy Rich Resources and a Powerful Professional Network

As an NSPRA member, not only do you belong to a powerful network of school communication professionals across North America, you have access to a wealth of resources, strategic counsel, products and services designed with your needs in mind. Throughout the month you will receive timely, practical tips and information about proven practices and emerging issues to keep you abreast of the latest school PR strategies and help you succeed in your job.

NSPRA Membership Benefits

  • NSPRA ConnectNSPRA ConnectHelp build a stronger profession through networking and support. Join NSPRA Connect, an online community forum where you can share ideas, suggest solutions and connect with your school PR colleagues across the United States and Canada.
  • NSPRA Insight: Tune in for free, members-only professional development programs featuring virtual panel discussions by leading school communication professionals on topics of interest to school communicators.
  • eNetwork newsletterThe NSPRA Network (eNetwork): Our monthly (except July) member e-newsletter is a hands-on, practical resource offering Leading Off, a timely feature story, a heads-up on emerging issues and strategies in Trend Tracker, best practice SuccesStories from award-winning school systems, NSPRA 411 updates, and much more
  • NSPRA This Week (NTW): Our weekly (except July) member e-newsletter offers clips from controversial news items scanned from around the nation that may impact your district. It also provides a helpful tip sheet on a practical idea or best practice as well as useful quotes and timely low-cost or no-cost resources.
  • Online Member DirectoryOur online membership directory (available only to NSPRA members) unlocks a network of more than 1,500 colleagues willing to share their best ideas, winning programs and expertise, and also offer support when you need it. The online Member Directory puts the power of the NSPRA network at you fingertips!
  • Discounts on NSPRA National Seminars: The annual NSPRA National Seminar is the premier professional development activity for school communication professionals and education leaders. As a member, you receive a specially reduced rate for the Seminar - a major savings for your budget.
  • Discounts on NSPRA Products: NSPRA develops and offers products designed to help school leaders improve and expand communication efforts in a cost-effective way. As an NSPRA member, you're entitled to a 10% discount on a catalog of helpful products. Members are also eligible for discounts on NSPRA Communication Audits and Communication Reviews.
  • PRincipal Communicator newsletterPRincipal Communicator:  Our monthly (except July) member e-newsletter is written with principals in mind. It offers tips and tactics to improve communication and public relations at the school building level. It is designed for easy sharing by members with the building principals in their districts. (PRincipal Communicator is a benefit of professional-level memberships only).
  • Communication Matters for Leading Superintendents: This enewsletter, published up to six times a year, is written for superintendents and includes articles on leadership issues, reputation management, media relations, public engagement strategies and more.
  • NSPRA Counselor, Member Alerts and More: Throughout the school year, you'll also receive special email alerts and publications covering critical breaking issues. They are intended to keep association members up to date on what’s new and what’s working in school communication as well as on the latest NSPRA news.
  • NSPRA Gold Mine resources, On-Demand Professional Development Webinars and Staff Counsel: As a member, you have access to NSPRA's resource files and webinar recordings on the very best school communication programs throughout the United States and Canada. In the event of a breaking issue or crisis, you also have immediate access to NSPRA's executive staff for counsel, strategic advice and help in connecting you to resources and other colleagues, who can assist you as well.
  • Accredited in Public Relations APR logo est. 1964LinkedIn Members-only GroupNSPRA members can gain access to our closed, members-only networking group on LinkedIn. Request access once you are an NSPRA member.
  • Service and Accreditation Opportunities: As a professional-level member, you may be eligible to hold elected office on the NSPRA Executive Board and in your state chapter. Professional-level members also are eligible to participate in the rewarding professional development process of becoming Accredited in Public Relations (APR) through the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB). NSPRA members also can participate in special insurance programs that cover professional liability, term life and medical that are available at reduced group rates. 

NSPRA membership opens the door to a host of communication opportunities. It gives you a constant source of expert advice and proven tips, tools, information, publications, communication strategies and tactics, specially tailored on-site services, training, and professional development. It helps you win at the polls, boost parent involvement, build effective coalitions, spread good news about schools, find out what the public thinks about your schools, and much, much more.

NSPRA’s Risk-Free Guarantee Means You Have Nothing to Lose. NSPRA offers you a No-Risk Guarantee because we are so sure that once you see, month after month, the benefits you will be receiving for your schools, your district, your community and your career, you will be pleased with the value of your NSPRA membership. If for some reason you believe that NSPRA membership, with its weekly and monthly newsletters, bonus items, discounts, resources and collegial network are not worth what you paid, we will refund your money for the remaining months on your membership.

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What Members Say About NSPRA

  • “Great exposure to other school district PR programs so you can borrow from the best.”
  • “Truly the best professional group of its kind.”
  • “Through NSPRA the toughest task is made easy.”
  • “The professional help and support, and the excellent products, more than offset the cost of membership. It's a great value!”

In Their Own Words: The Value of NSPRA Membership


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