2018-2019 Superintendents to Watch-Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed

Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed
Hopkins (Minn.) Public Schools 

At the core of all of Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed’s work are students, people and relationships. A trailblazer as the first woman and person of color to lead Hopkins Public Schools, she is bold in her thinking and is straightforward in her intent to challenge the status quo and change the education system.

One of the first courses of action Mhiripiri-Reed undertook as superintendent was to work with the community’s Somali population, who expressed not feeling connected to the district. With her support, Hopkins Somali parents hosted a community gathering and invited staff members to come and listen to the parents’ perspectives about the district. 

Mhiripiri-Reed puts student voice in the center of her work by encouraging high school students to work alongside her as ambassadors known as “Royal Reps.” In this capacity, students engage with the community members, students, staff and parents by asking them a series of questions about their hopes for Hopkins Schools.

In only her second year as superintendent, Mhiripiri-Reed was instrumental in transforming her district with the Great to World Class Campaign.  

As part of a Great to World Class visioning session, the district built Hopkin’s Vision 2031, which was designed “with the core belief that every student deserves a brilliant future. It is the result of multiple avenues of feedback designed to find out what [the district’s] community, staff and students think a world class education should look like and what traits each student in the graduating class of 2031 should have.”

Mhiripiri-Reed has the courage to ensure, under her leadership, that Vision 2031 will be the reality for every child in her district. She will certainly continue to transform her district from #GreatToWorldClass.