2018-2019 Superintendents to Watch-Matt Teeter

Dr. Matt Teeter
Willard (Mo.) Public Schools 

Relationships and open communication are key to Dr. Matt Teeter’s impact in Willard Public Schools.  Teeter connects with each employee as an individual on an invaluable, deep level, from bus drivers to custodians to classroom teachers.

During his first year of his superintendency, Teeter met with all 649 employees one on one to get to know them. He asked about his employees’ families and their personal and professional goals, all while running a district of 4,500 students. At the end of each of these meetings, Teeter documented the meeting with a photo of him and the employee on Twitter, using the hashtag, #WillardShines to foster a sense of community. 

It’s no surprise that Teeter has the ability to leverage social media in an effective way. In addition to #WillardShines, he shares videos on Twitter and Facebook known as #TeeterTalkTuesday. One thousand people tune in each week to see Teeter showcasing various programs, clubs, activities, buildings and accomplishments. 

On the school level, each building has digital media coordinators who help to curate a positive message and line of communication to their patrons. This helps each building feel more connected to the district’s mission. That connection is evident in the redesign of the district website as well as all eight building websites. The updated template on these websites have fresh content, better usability and engaging photos.

Through his leadership, Teeter ensures Willard Public Schools lives up to its mission of being student focused, strongly connected and success driven. He ensures #WillardShines every day.