2018-2019 Superintendents to Watch-Louis Taylor

Louis Taylor
Worcester County Public Schools 
Newark, Md.

Superintendent Louis Taylor is the face of Worcester County Public Schools. In a community that values face-to-face interaction, he is the most visible figure in the county. He sits on the carpet with kindergarteners,  walks middle and high schoolers to their classes, talks to teachers during their planning periods and attends both athletic and performing arts events. 

According to his colleagues, “The best picture of Mr. Taylor that could be painted would be a reflection through the eyes of his students and staff. He believes in them and wants them to be more, think more, do more and learn more with every fiber of his being. Those same eyes would tell you… Mr. Taylor was born to be a leader.”

Many superintendents give directives about communication, but Taylor saw fit to elevate communication to be one of the four pillars in the district’s strategic plan, Forward View 2022. The plan focuses on a future “in which every student is provided an educational program that inspires a love of learning, encompasses challenging curriculum and provides students with the support to rise to their fullest potential.” 

To better gauge Worcester County Public Schools’ communication efforts and craft the strategic plan, Taylor budgeted for the district to conduct an April 2018 SCoPe Survey for parents, staff and the community. The survey was done in conjunction with NSPRA’s Rubrics of Practice and Suggested Measures. Through this renewed focus on communication, collaboration and building relationships, the Communications Office has been made a part of the county's leadership.

Taylor’s mantra is that communication and collaboration is essential to students’ success. His dynamic leadership restored his district’s morale to the strongest it’s been. He walks the talk and is a superintendent that all educators should watch.