Social Media E-Kit


NSPRA's new resource, the Social Media E-Kit, focuses on effective social media practices. NSPRA members provided us with many of the useful resources that have helped them to build their districts' social media programs for inclusion in this electronic publication. The deceptively small-but-mighty Social Media E-Kit features more than 30 links to some of the best, most practical advice from members and others on social media best practices. If this resource were in print, it would contain more than 400 pages of knowledge to refer to for all of your social media planning needs.

To save you time, we have divided the content by topic so that it will be easier to find what you need. Topics are: First Steps, Using Facebook, Using Twitter, Next Steps, and Social Media Guidelines and Policies.

The Social Media E-Kit is free to NSPRA members and is available to download for $20 for non-members.

Special thanks to SchoolMessenger for providing a grant to make this resource a reality.

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