Session Presenter Tips for the NSPRA National Seminar

Were you invited to present a breakout session during an NSPRA National Seminar? If so, keep the following tips in mind or watch NSPRA's presenter tips video to have a successful presentation experience at the Seminar. The tips are based on feedback from Seminar participants, who are invited to evaluate presenters and the Seminar experience each year.

Win over your audience by:

  1. Matching your session description. Attendees hate going to a session that doesn’t cover what was promised.
  2. Telling a story. Connect with your audience emotionally when you share what happened, how you responded, the outcome and lessons learned. 
  3. Giving practical advice. Help them understand what you did, why it worked and how they can replicate it in their own systems.
  4. Providing takeaways. Digital or print templates, resources, samples and handouts will help your audience go and do what you did.
  5. Practicing, a lot. Feel comfortable enough with your content, transitions and any co-presenters to speak without reading your notes.

Additionally, be sure to avoid these presentation missteps: 

  1. Don’t just talk about you. Spend more time talking about what the audience can learn from you.
  2. Don’t tell without showing, too. Give the audience tips, tricks and how-tos for doing what works.
  3. Don’t read your slides. Your audience can read, too, so give them something extra when you speak.
  4. Don’t offend your audience. Build connections by using professional language and appropriate jokes. Your audience will include people from a variety of professional, personal, racial, cultural, generational and political backgrounds.
  5. Don’t forget your target audience. Give new professionals your how-tos and examples. Give veterans new ways of doing or thinking, and evidence that it makes a difference.