School-Family-Community Connections


It’s like having your own personal editorial assistant! Save time and money with this subscription service.

 When every dollar counts and you need targeted communication, Connections will help you build support for education in every area of your school community. Here’s what one long-time subscriber had to say: “When asked to give a speech or workshop ... I turn to my issues of Connections, and 90% of my work is done and all of my handouts are ready to duplicate. Nothing I have in my office is a better time saver!”

Published monthly (except December and July), Connections delivers the communication tools you need for every occasion. With every issue you will receive:

  • Ready-to-use articles on such topics as “student achievement” and tips on how to use them
  • Fresh ideas for celebrating important holidays and anniversaries with projects, activities and resources
  • Time-saving tip sheets for teachers on wide-ranging topics
  • Ready-to-go newsletter for school district personnel and another one for parents to help them bring the curriculum into the home
  • Speeches for special occasions, clip art, proclamations, letters to the editor and more!

The annual cost of this service is $325.00 per subscription — that works out to only $32.50 per issue — less than the hourly rate for most consultants. Your subscription will pay for itself in less than a year — we guarantee it.

Published monthly except December and July. Save more time and money with e-mail delivery; the annual subscription is only $310.00!

(Please Note:) This service is offered in partnership with the Washington State School Directors Association and other state participating organizations. We will notify you if an association in your state already offers this service.

School-Family-Community Connections (Item # Subscription)

NSPRA members and Non-members

Print $325.00;  e-mail $310.00