Prospective APR Candidates

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The Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) administers the process for becoming Accredited in Public Relations (APR) on behalf of its Partcipating Organizations, which include NSPRA.

Check out these recommended steps to becoming accredited from NSPRA member Janet Swiecichowski, APR. And if you are wondering when is the right time for you to become Accredited in Public Relations, read this article by Susan Dieck, APR.

Detailed information about the Accreditation Examination and application form to become a candidate for accreditation may be obtained from the UAB website at

Next Steps

The next step in the accreditation process is learning more about it. More information is available at the UAB website

NSPRA members interested in accreditation should contact Senior Communication Manager, Jennifer Landes, APR, at or 301-519-1221.