Our Mission

Image of globeWhat is NSPRA?

Since 1935, the National School Public Relations Association has been providing school communication training, products and services to school leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and the U.S. Dept. of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools worldwide.

NSPRA's mission is to develop professionals to communicate strategically, build trust and foster positive relationships in support of their school communities. We accomplish that mission by developing and providing a variety of diverse products, services and professional development activities to our members as well as to other education leaders interested in improving their communication efforts. With over 80 years of experience, NSPRA is known for  providing proven, practical approaches to solving school district and education agency communication problems. We offer useful communication products and workshops as well as an annual national Seminar, maintain best practice resource files, and conduct communication accountability research. We also sponsor four national awards programs and recognize individuals, districts and education agencies for excellence in public relations and communication.

NSPRA has a set of written Bylaws which govern the Association. In addition, the NSPRA Executive Board updates the Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Association every two years as part of its strategic planning process.

NSPRA also has established a Code of Ethics, which serves as a guide to members on appropriate professional conduct.

NSPRA is a member of the Learning First Alliance and the Universal Accreditation Board and works with all major national organizations to help improve educational opportunities for the nation's youth. NSPRA is also a sponsoring agency of the Educational Research Service (ERS).

The Leader in School Communications

NSPRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, professional association founded in 1935. As the Leader in School Communications, NSPRA provides professional development, products and services to:

  • Build public support for the best educational opportunities and achievement for all students; and
  • Promote better public understanding of the objectives, accomplishments and needs of education in a diverse society.

NSPRA members are school leaders with various responsibilities - professional communicators, superintendents, board members, principals, school foundation and business partnership leaders, education association/agency leaders, and numerous consultants who work with educators on all facets of communication.

NSPRA takes pride in offering strategic, practical and effective communication techniques to our membership. Joining NSPRA is the best investment you can make to improve your school communication efforts. 

Solve Your Communication Problems Now!

Now more than ever, school leaders are seeking resources and assistance to improve communication and engage their stakeholders. Leaders know a major key to building taxpayer, staff, and board support for quality education is effective communication. NSPRA is the advantage you need to take your school communication program to the next level, whether it's help in:

  • Developing a comprehensive, strategic communication plan;
  • Marketing your schools;
  • Improving internal communication;
  • Building stakeholder engagement;
  • Neutralizing pressure groups or dealing with the media during a crisis or difficult issue;
  • Effectively communicating at the building-level; or 
  • Passing a bond or budget referendum.

That's why school leaders everywhere turn to NSPRA for the communication resources they need to develop a strategic communication program, address critical communication and public relations issues, build powerful relationships, and strengthen support for quality education.