How to Market Your School: A Guide to Marketing, Communication, and Public Relations for School Administrators


Increased competition, declining resources, changing demographics, news media scrutiny, and the importance of public perceptions are reasons schools and school districts need an effective marketing program. However, even school and district administrators who recognize the importance of marketing often feel unprepared to initiate and maintain a strategic marketing effort.

How to Market Your School is a comprehensive guide that provides school administrators with tools to help them create, implement, and maintain a successful marketing program. Topics covered include developing a marketing strategy, marketing research, communication, media relations, building beneficial partnerships, public relations, and fund raising. Although written for public school administrators, the book applies equally to private and charter schools.

"A plan needs to be developed no matter what you are trying to achieve. It is critical to know your audience and how to target their needs. In this book, Johanna Lockhart has provided us with just the right tools to go above and beyond."
     —Jorge F. Cardenas, principal, High School Ahead Academy, Houston, Texas

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