NSPRA Front-Runner: Danelle Gittus, APR

NSPRA Front-Runners are members identified by the NSPRA Executive Board as emerging leaders who are doing outstanding work for their schools, their chapters and for NSPRA. They have demonstrated professional leadership at the state and national level and/or have been recognized for innovation and excellence through NSPRA award programs or presentations.

Danelle Gittus, APR
Danelle Gittus, APR

Current title & district: Public Relations Specialist, Oakland Schools, Waterford, Mich.

Alma Mater: Adrian College - Go Bulldogs!

My PR motto: Listening is often the best public relations.

I am inspired by…my family. I had no idea I could learn so much from my children. Their words, actions, fears and love dare me to learn something new about myself every day. That and the unquestionable love and support I get from my husband, parents and friends help me to grow and change constantly.

Favorite professional fantasy: For an entire week I get to do nothing but proactive public relations and communications.

Current communication tool I use the most is…e-mail (and other web-based tools).

Communication tools I rarely use anymore are…press conferences and press kits.

Greatest PR success: I will never forget the moment when I received my accreditation letter in 2005. I still view becoming an APR as one of my greatest professional accomplishments. If you are thinking about doing this, go for it!

Greatest communication challenge: My biggest challenge is having the time, information and other resources to be proactive when it really counts.

A strong communication program supports student success by…engaging parents, community members and stakeholders in important conversations and activities for the benefit of our students and teachers.

My favorite part of my job is…change! There are always new challenges to overcome and from them, many opportunities to learn and grow.

I believe school PR/communications is...the foundation of our relationships with our employees, students, parents, community members, businesses, and service agencies. It is with consistent, strategic communication that we build trust, cooperation and collaboration with our many publics.

Joining MSPRA helped me…build connections, grow friendships, learn about leadership, and manage the challenges of my work.

I'm an NSPRA member because…the resources, networking opportunities and professional development are exactly what I need (and often exactly when I need it).

My epitaph: Danelle's to do:

  • Listen
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Live