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Leading Off
Compliance is Not a Dirty Word: The What, Why and How of ADA-Compliant Websites
Tom Scheidel By Tom Scheidel, public information coordinator, Allegan (Mich.) Area Educational Service Agency

Does your website meet the requirements of federal law? Find out how to make it compliant in this month’s Leading Off.

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Trend Tracker
Empowering Parents and Students in the Digital Age
Kim Hocott By Kim Hocott, executive director of communications, Pearland (Texas) Independent School District

A social media night is informative for parents, but this is just one tactic to engage parents and promote student safety in the digital age. Learn more in this month’s Trend Tracker.

NSPRA Front-Runner
Tove Tupper
Tove Tupper NSPRA Front-Runners are members identified by the NSPRA Executive Board as emerging association leaders doing outstanding work in school districts/agencies, chapters and for NSPRA. Get to know Tove Tupper, the 2018-19 NSPRA Front-Runner for the Northwest Region.

Gold Medallion Winner —
Parkway Schools

Gold Medallion Logo Parkway Cares: Connecting Employees and Mission

Explore the SuccesStory of Parkway Schools, which added a new word to its mission — caring — and then took action to ensure employees understood and committed to living that mission.

Always Something
School Public Relations People Look at the Whole Apple
Rich Bagin, APR By Rich Bagin, APR, executive director, NSPRA, Rockville, Md.

In his blog last month, Executive Director Rich Bagin, APR, advised on ways to become a cabinet member. This month he chats about what to do once you are in “the room where it happens.” Your success depends on your relationship with your superintendent and requires courage and political acumen. Learn more in this month’s Always Something.

President’s Corner
Happy New (School) Year!
Carol Fenstermacher, APR By Carol Fenstermacher, APR, community engagement coordinator, Centennial School District, Portland, Ore.

In her first President’s Corner, Carol Fenstermacher, APR, reflects on the new school year and shares some resolutions for roles as school communicator and president of the NSPRA Executive Board.

Volume 10, Issue 2
October 2018
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