Why Should the Boss Listen to You? The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor


Named by PR Week as one of 22 “crunch-time counselors who should be on the speed dial in a crisis,” crisis management and PR expert Jim Lukaszewski has written a book for internal senior executives and external consultants at any level of an organization who want to learn how to be the best, most useful, trusted, and loyal advisor at all times.

A perfect fit for the school public relations professional who works daily with superintendents, Board members, senior staff, and building administrators.

Organizations are essentially composed of two kinds of people - those who lead the organization and manage its future, and those who are watching and counting what these leaders and managers do everyday. For PR counselors, Lukaszewski, a frequent NSPRA Seminar presenter, illustrates how to become the best consultant and advisor possible. And, for superintendents and other leaders, Lukaszewski teaches them the most productive ways to receive counsel so it meets the practical expectations sought by the superintendent, Board, and others. The author outlines the seven disciplines that anyone who counsels a CEO should embrace:

  • Be trustworthy.
  • Become a verbal visionary.
  • Develop a management perspective.
  • Think strategically.
  • Be a window to tomorrow: understand the power of patterns.
  • Advise constructively.
  • Show the boss how to use your advice.