Why School Communication Matters: Strategies from PR Professionals


Need to re-energize your faculty? Looking at announcing poor test scores to the community? Facing an angry parent contingent? Why School Communication Matters offers tips and strategies for handling these and other difficult situations. This book is an easy-to-use reference for the communication dilemmas that today’s superintendent and principals face by looking at real life challenges, reframing issues in ways that suggest new and effective solutions.

New generations of parents expect better and faster connections with schools. Podcasts, instant messaging, chat rooms and blogs have left school newsletters and brochures in the dust. More and more, leader survival depends on anticipating stakeholder demands. This book shows how. Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes draw on their combined 60 years of frontline experience in public education in large and small school systems and other educational organizations to provide practice and effective solutions to real life communication issues.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: A Matter of Urgency
  • The Relationships
  • Start with a Win
  • Build Trust
  • Win by Persuasion
  • Listen to the New Generations
  • Engage the Community
  • The Framework
  • Design Your Plan
  • Harness Your SecretWeapon
  • Nail Your Successes
  • Get in the Ring
  • Mind Your Reputation
  • The Special Interests
  • Invest in theMedia
  • Lead the Change
  • Face Those Angry Parents
  • Dazzle the 80 Percent
  • The Crisis
  • Think Smart Under Fire
  • A Case Study in Crisis Communications
  • The Toolbox
  • Overhaul Daily Communication
  • Read Your School (or District) Newsletter
  • Manage Your School (or District) Website
  • Get a Grip on Social Media
  • Write with Purpose
  • Upgrade Back-to-School Night
  • Sustainability: The Challenge of the Long-Distance Runner