Scenario Collections I, II, and III


Experience is the best teacher of all. Now school leaders can take advantage of the professional insights of school communicators on the frontlines. Through these three books you’ll find out what works, what doesn’t and how to avoid the pitfalls of school communication.

NSPRA has collected 63 case studies in all that explore the most pressing situations school leaders face in today’s education environment. These guides cover a wide range of issues that all school leaders should prepare for.

Each case study includes:

• Goals, strategies and tactics used

• Successful outcomes

• Possible different approaches

• What school communicators would do differently

• Contact information of school leaders who faced specific challenges

Below are some scenarios included in these the first two Scenario Collections:

• Mystery Illness in School

• Changing Elementary School Boundaries

• Dealing with Budget Critics

• Series of Bomb Threats

• Shooting Incident

• Student Attacks Bus Driver

• Working with a New Superintendent

The newest scenario collection, “Communicating with a Diverse Audience,” provides 20 case studies about addressing diversity communication in schools.

Topics include the following:

• Involving and Engaging an Increasingly Diverse Population

• Meeting the Educational Needs of our Hispanic Community

• Reaching Out to Non-Native Asian Families

• The School Orientation Fair for New Immigrant Families

• How to Run a Successful Community Forum on Diversity