Principals in the Public: Engaging Community Support


The research is clear — public engagement is a must for all successful school leaders. Principals in the Public provides a comprehensive look at what it takes for successful school leaders to reach and engage community members.

Developed by NSPRA executive director Richard D. Bagin, APR, this 226-page book, and its accompanying camera-ready worksheets and handouts, is an easy-to-use guide that will enable principals to become skilled communicators as well as community leaders. Following this guide, even successful school communicators will maximize engagement among school-focused communities.

Some of the many areas covered include:

• Getting started—40 effective ways busy principals can build community support

• Research — techniques for finding out what staff and parents really think

• Planning — steps for creating and using a district-specific communications plan

• Effective Communication Tools and Techniques — with lots of how-to explanations

• Technology—what to use and when for communicating with different audiences

• Communication in a Diverse World — techniques for reaching the hard-to-reach

• Ideas that Work — scores of ideas gathered from successful school leader

# of pages: