NSPRA's Pat Jackson Collection on Public Relations


NSPRA’s Pat Jackson Collection captures the wisdom of one of North America’s most respected public relations professionals. Pat’s career of more than 50 years in public relations earned him the professional “guru” status among the corporate and professional elite. His passion for education and respect for school PR pros brought him to nearly all of NSPRA’s seminars in the past 20 years. His sessions were packed with veterans and newcomers alike. The recordings of these sessions were always best sellers as pros often shared his wisdom with their staff, bosses and board members back home.

Now you can hear and learn from Pat Jackson as thousands have done in the past. The entire collection gives you more than 15 hours of Pat’s sessions at the NSPRA Seminar — all on one CD of MP3 files.

(Please note: These files can be played on PCs and personal audio devices, such as an Apple iPod. But the CD will not play in older CD players.)

Here’s a sample of some of the many topics covered:

• Public Relations Strategies That Work

• Practicable/Actionable/Inexpensive Research: A Number One Priority for Your Public Relations Program

• How to Work Effectively in an Era of Incredible Over-Communication

• When Crisis Hits

• If I Were Superintendent, Here’s the Great PR Program I Would Run

• Bypassing the Gatekeepers: Going Directly to Your Publics

• It’s Time for Schools to Start Raising Issues, Instead of Reacting to Them

• Accountability in PR

• How to Sell Your Programs to Your Administration

• Implementing a Public Relations School-Based Management System

• Achieving Organizational Communication Results

Proceeds from the collection (beyond expenses for production) go to the Pat Jackson Scholarship Fund which provides a scholarship to attend NSPRA’s Annual Seminar.