Mastering E-Newsletters


Online newsletters, e-bulletins, constantly changing web offerings, and more — no longer typify cutting-edge programs — rather they’re becoming communication staples that more and more parents and taxpayers are beginning to expect and demand.

To help, NSPRA created this exciting resource — offering plain-English, no-puff advice — on what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at what it offers:

• The technology: Finding what’s right for you

• How schools can benefit from e-newsletters

• Getting a grip on the costs of e-publishing

• Finding the best ways to design, deliver and track your e-publication.

• Learn from four organizations that made the move to e-communications

And there’s more! Along with the book you’ll get a CD packed with sample publications and documents. These idea-starters are sure to help you get the job done — whether starting a new program or strengthening one already under way.

If you’re on the front lines of school PR, don’t face another day without Mastering E-Newsletters. This idea-packed book offers scores of tips and ideas on making the right choices for your e-publishing program — and getting the most out of it for your district and schools.

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