Complete Set of 5 Professional Learning Series DVDs


For the first time, NSPRA is offering videos of five selected sessions from its acclaimed line up of presentations from its National Seminar in San Antonio, Texas. Each of the five sessions includes a DVD, and its accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Some presenters also shared handouts, outlines, and more information. Each video is about 60 minutes long.

All Presentations in DVD Format — Plus PowerPoint Presentations and More!

Use these videos for one-on-one learning on your computer or conduct a larger group session on a big screen and distribute the PowerPoint before the presentation.

DVDs in this set:

  1. School PR Planning Basics
  2. All I Need to Know About School PR and Never Learned in College!
  3. Sixty PR Ideas in Sixty Minutes
  4. From the Front Porch Looking In: A “Walk-Through” Process for Evaluating Building-Level Communication
  5. From Enragement to Engagement: Building Support, Creating Solutions

Special Offers:

  • Regular price for each Professional Learning Series DVD is $99 (plus $8 s/h).
  • Member price is $79 each (plus $8)
  • Get $10 off per item when you buy 2 or more (plus $10 s/h flat rate).
  • Or order all 5 for $300 (members) or $375 (nonmembers) (plus $10).