Communicating About Coronavirus? Find Help in NSPRA Resources

The spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an ongoing issue for public health officials, but it also presents operational and communication challenges for school systems. NSPRA has compiled helpful tips, resources and news items to assist school communicators and administrators in communicating about coronavirus-related preparation steps, response efforts and emergencies.

Free NSPRA Resources for Coronavirus Crisis Communications

Following are three resources offered free to the public:

  • Download the Coronavirus Communications Crisis for Public Schools guide (PDF), which offers 10 tips for COVID-19 communications, important words to know, expert resources and communication examples from several public schools. It was developed through a partnership between NSPRA and Blackboard.
  • Watch the Communicating COVID-19 webinar recording, which features a panel of five notable school PR experts sharing tips and advice for how to effectively manage communications about the new coronavirus disease. It was offered through a partnership between NSPRA and Blackboard
  • Watch the latest NSPRA Insight on Crisis Communications Best Practices, which features a virtual roundtable discussion between experienced school public relations professionals: Tracy Jentz, APR; Rick Kaufmann, APR; Terry Locke; and moderator Rich Bagin, APR. (Press the play button and select the "maximize video" option, found in the upper right corner, to see full-size images of panelists.)

NSPRA Member Resources 

NSPRA members also have access to a Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Crisis Resources site (must be logged into NSPRA website as a member) with:

  • Tips to prepare to address this issue;
  • Tips for communicators working remotely in the midst of the crisis; and
  • Sample letters, website articles, tool kits, guidance documents, communication plans, fact sheets and videos. To share your planning steps or district resources, email NSPRA Communication Manager Rebecca Shaw at and/or post them on NSPRA Connect.

Members, be sure to join the conversation about this topic in your NSPRA Connect online community forum as well.

Additional Resources for School Systems

Following are additional resources shared by those in the health industry, governmental organizations and news outlets.

Associations, Health Industry, Government and Research Centers 

Associations, Research Centers and Other Data Sources

Governmental Guidance and Resources

Health Industry Organizations


News Updates