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PARCC Power Player of the Week

Description: Fox News anchor Chris Wallace sat down with Parcc Inc. CEO Laura Slover last week to talk about the PARCC assessments and the Common Core State Standards.

National PTA Common Core Video Series

Description: This video series, developed through a partnership with the Hunt Institute, was designed to educate parents on the Common Core State Standards and empower them to support the transition at school and at home.

Michael Petrilli on the Common Core Standards Initiative

Description: Thomas B. Fordham Institute's Executive Vice President Michael Petrilli went on C-Span to share information on the Common Core. He explained their role in overall U.S. education policy and the ongoing debate over the adoption of the standards in states.

Chamber of Commerce Foundation Common Core Video

Description: The short video shares key messages about the Common Core delivered by classroom teachers, education leaders, business leaders, and politicians alike. It explains why the Common Core is a necessary and good attempt to better align education to the expectations of the business and collegiate communities.

Introductory Videos on the Common Core State Standards

Description: Watch videos explaining the changes to math and ELA/Literacy expectations from Achieve the Core, a part of Student Achievement Partners. You can also sign up to receive updates through e-mail about the Common Core, and learn more about the Common Core depending on your position and grade level of interest.

World’s Largest Educational Resource Catalog

Description: For educators looking for videos and games related to the Common Core, this website has compiled more than a quarter of a million resources. You can browse the whole directory or search by standards. It’s a must-see resource for all educators looking for ways to make the Common Core more accessible.

Common Core Implementation Video Series

Description: Videos created by the Hunt Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers help educators, policy makers and parents understand the Common Core and how to use it most effectively. The videos are meant to be conversation starters, advisory materials in developing curriculum, engagement tools, and support-building devices to get the community behind the district.

Understanding the Common Core

Description: In this video compendium, the Chancellor of New York City schools addresses key issues and questions that people might have about the Common Core State Standards. These resources help parents and educators to support their children as schools transition to the Common Core.

Common Core Launch Pad

Description: In an effort to help explain the Common Core to your community, McGraw-Hill has created an animated video. You can download the video without any branding and share it with parents, students, teachers, and staff as a way to launch dialogue about the changes that will come with this new program.

Common Core Video from Council of Great City Schools

Description: This great, three-minute video explaining Common Core was done by Council of Great City Schools. It explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond.

Example Common Core Video

Description: In Park Hill School District, district administrators shared information about the Common Core - how the school is transitioning to it, what to expect, and how it will benefit students. You can use this video as an example if your district wants to recreate it.

About the Common Core in Park Hill School District

Description: Park Hill School District shared this video with us, designed for use within their school community to clarify what the Common Core is and what it means for students and their families in that district. You could use this video as an example when designing your own.

Common Core Success

Description: At Road Maps to Common Core Success, district leaders, curriculum developers, and other experts provide actionable plans to help education leaders like you find your way around obstacles that can hinder your route to success. You can still view this event to discover strategies and new approaches to the Common Core roadblocks.

Common Core Video Resource

Description: Nick Kremer, Language Arts and Social Studies Coordinator at Columbia Public Schools discusses the Common Core Standards implementation and what it means to their district.

English Language Learners & the Right to Rigor

Description: College Board President David Coleman moderates a discussion with national English Language Learner experts, including Lily Wong-Fillmore, on how to ensure that all students are challenged and given an opportunity to succeed.

Classroom Example of Teaching Complex Text: Butterfly

Description: This New York City kindergarten class of English language learners demonstrates Lily Wong Fillmore's guidance in how teachers can support students in acquiring and using academic language and working successfully with complex text. These ELL kindergartners have engaged in a unit studying butterflies where academic vocabulary, language structure, and keys to unlocking the meaning of complex text have been deeply embedded into their daily learning.

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