Common Core Communication Network: Samples and Examples

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Real Letter From School Superintendent on Common Core

Description: In his letter to parents in Livonia, New York, Superintendent Matthew Cole said critics of the Common Core are not focused on helping improve teaching and learning. Instead, criticism is fueled by creating buzz around the issue and making a political statement. Here is the letter he sent out.

Sample Communication Plan

Description: This sample communication plan will help even the newest public relations practitioner thoughtfully execute a communication plan about the Common Core State Standards. Filled with examples and helpful hints, the 10-step guide encourages a well-developed response to the new standards for your community.

Sample Common Core Newsletter Article

Description: Park Hill School District wrote an article for their Winter 2012 edition of the Park Hill Connection, to educate its school community about the Common Core. You can use this example as a template for your own communication.

Sample Letter from Superintendent for Parents

Description: In a sample letter designed to be sent to parents from the superintendent, some key facts about the Common Core are addressed. The superintendent explains how the Common Core is a step in the right direction toward more quality education for all American students, and those right in their own backyard.

Sample Letter to the Editor or Op/Ed from Superintendent

Description: You can use this template to send to your local newspaper to educate your community on the benefits of and truth behind the Common Core.

Example Common Core Video

Description: In Park Hill School District, district administrators shared information about the Common Core - how the school is transitioning to it, what to expect, and how it will benefit students. You can use this video as an example if your district wants to recreate it.

Advertisements in NYC Subway Stations about Testing (English) (Spanish)

Description: New York City's education department launched an ad blitz to get the message out that students are being held to the new higher Common Core standards, the day before students start taking tougher state tests. State Education Commissioner John King Jr. said he wouldn't be surprised if the number of students deemed proficient in math or English dropped by 35 percentage points.

Sample Messaging

Description: Discover facts to use when communicating with various audiences about the Common Core. Whether you need to speak to a general audience, families, legislators, or school leaders, this message sheet has you covered. It also has scripts for e-communication. The content was adapted with permission from the Missouri Common Core State Standards Tool Kit.

Sample Letters

Description: If you are unsure how to share information about the Common Core with your school's parents, consider using language from this sample letter. Or, if you want to write to your state legislator urging them to support the Common Core, you can educate them on its benefits with the sample letter for legislators. There are also several quotes that you can attribute and include for teachers, to help add a voice to the letter.

Sample Letter Home from Principal

Description: In this succinct letter designed to come from the school's principal to students' parents/guardians, some key information regarding the Common Core is provided. The letter is informational and cordial in tone. It is designed to be adapted for use.

Commit to the Core

Description: Commit to the Core is designed to support the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. It is dedicated to providing educators, parents and communities across Illinois with professional learning tools and resources to support students in reaching the state's vision for a college- and career-ready education.

Below are some print materials that Commit to the Core has developed.

Common Core for Educators

Common Core for Students

Common Core for Community

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