Michigan Legislative Decision Stops Common Core


May 29, 2013

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Michigan Legislative Decision Stops Common Core

Latest State to Defend Citizen Control of Education

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday the Michigan legislature included in its appropriations bill a prohibition of funding for Common Core and the related federally funded standardized tests.

The Common Core is a federally supported education program that includes national K-12 standards and federally funded standardized tests aligned with those standards. More than 40 states adopted the program in order to be competitive for 2009 Stimulus Bill funds.

“Across the country, legislators and citizens had no idea about the Common Core or that their states had adopted it,” said Emmett McGroarty of American Principles in Action. “The Common Core developers promised that it would transform the education of every child. But the people of each state and their state legislators should have had an opportunity to deliberate and decide on the Common Core. Representative McMillin, the lead proponent of the prohibition, and the legislature have stood tall for the right of Michigan citizens to control the education of their children. This is a landmark affirmation of America's constitutional structure and of the Founders' vision of citizen-directed government.”

The news from Michigan is the latest in a continuing string of legislative push-back against the Common Core.

Last month in Indiana, Gov. Mike Pence signed landmark legislation that halts Common Core implementation pending further study of the Standards and the ramifications of their adoption.

Last week, Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama introduced legislation that would rein in federal overreach in education through schemes such as the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The bill would prohibit the federal government from “incentivizing” or coercing the states to adopt any particular educational standards, curricula, or assessments, and it would prohibit the U.S. Secretary of Education from pushing a state into participation in any multistate partnership. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Corbett recently delayed implementation of Common Core pending further review. And last week in Iowa, the legislature prohibited the implementation of the federally funded Common Core-aligned standardized test until at least 2016-17.

In Kansas, a legislative fight continues to de-fund implementation of the Common Core and the related tests.

“What the elitists don’t understand,” Mr. McGroarty continued, “is that the people never had a say in this radical new program. Now that the facts are emerging, the people are fighting back. They’re fighting for their children – and this issue is not going away.”

American Principles in Action is a 501 c (4) advocacy group associated with American Principles Project, a 501 c (3) nonprofit dedicated to returning the United States to its founding principles.

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