Common Core Communication Network: Projected Low Test Scores and What to Do and Say about Them

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How Kentucky became a rare Common Core success story

Description: The Common Core State Standards have lost support, but Kentucky shows that it can work if implemented as intended. Here are three ways Kentucky become the Common Core "poster child" and what others can learn from the state's success.

State 'Report Card' Shows Steady Improvement for JCPS

Description: Kentucky, a Common Core early-adopter, shows improvement in college and career readiness as evidenced on state tests, according to the state Department of Education.

National PTA Common Core Video Series

Description: This video series, developed through a partnership with the Hunt Institute, was designed to educate parents on the Common Core State Standards and empower them to support the transition at school and at home. The 10th video addresses test scores.

Studies Offer Insights on Implementing Common Core

Description: Ed Week has shed some light on perceptions and expectations educators have regarding the Common Core and its implementation. The studies show that it is important for leaders to consider and make use of teacher input. The article also discusses how to navigate score drops.

Understanding the Common Core Curriculum: A Guide for Parents

Description: As Common Core implementation rolls out, it is important to educate parents on the curriculum. Scholastic has developed a guide to help parents understand what the Common Core means for their children.

Field Test Communication Toolkit from Smarter Balanced

Description: Smarter Balanced developed resources to prepare for the field tests coming up in many states. The field test communications toolkit contains 15 essential resources, including sample notification letters to parents, sample materials to disperse to the media, and a sample PowerPoint presentation.

Transition to New Core Takes Time

Description: A commentary piece from Questar III BOCES, a communication services organization in Castleton, N.Y., in response to the low test scores released in New York State last week. It appeared in the August 13, 2013 Times Union, which covers the Albany and Capital Region area. It calls for a thoughtful response.

Interpreting 3-8 ELA/Mathematics Tests, Results and Score Reports

Description: A web resource from engageNY, a website developed and maintained by the New York State Education Department, to help families understand what the new tests mean, and tools for educators tasked with communicating about the new assessments.

Arizona Students Face New Common Core Standards

Description: An article explaining the Common Core as it is introduced to Arizona educators. It touches on changes to testing, uncertainty with what to expect, and the hopes they have for improving education in the state, whether Common Core is the answer or not.

Minnesota Braces for Scores to Drop with New Common Core Tests

Description: In Minnesota, schools are proactive in preparing families for a perceived testing dip, saying that although scores may be lower, it has more to do with different criteria being observed than a lack of quality education. With any new program, it takes a while to get used to it and get the kinks out, so parents and students should not be upset by a lower score, but happy for more rigorous education.

Common Core Standards Early Results from Kentucky Are In

Description: Kentucky was one of the first states to begin implementing the Common Core State Standards. Michael Morella of US News interviewed the state’s Commissioner of Education, Terry Holliday, to find out how the state was reacting to the first round of testing and what others can expect as they begin implementation and testing.

Will New Common Standards Mean Less Teaching to the Test?

Description: Some standardized exams under the Common Core State Standards will continue to rely on multiple-choice questions, leading to concerns that rote memorization and "teaching to the test" will remain in classrooms. Lia Crawford, the elementary-math supervisor in a Florida district, challenged that idea during a summer training session. "If you guys continue to have your students (be) really deep thinkers and problem-solvers, the test won't be an issue," Crawford said.

All Students Can Meet the Deeper Learning Bar Set by Common Core

Description: An article co-written by Robert Lenz, cofounder and CEO of Envision Schools and Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former West Virginia governor, for the Huffington Post about how all students can meet the deeper learning bar set by Common Core.

Common Core Standards Professional Development

Description: An online professional development resource developed to help educators understand the changes Common Core brings. This page includes sample videos, brochures for parents (in English and Spanish), and an opportunity for more in-depth information.

War on the Core

Description: An op/ed by Bill Keller in the New York Times that explains how Republican Party extremists seem to have a vendetta against the Common Core, believing it to be a dangerous federal scheme to control children's minds.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Data

Description: If people in your community are concerned about upcoming test scores associated with the Common Core and what they mean (or what people will decide they mean to serve their own purposes), they should read this article from Education Weekly about the tests frequently called the “Nation’s Report Card,” the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP).

Advertisements in NYC Subway Stations about Testing (English) (Spanish)

Description: New York City's education department launched an ad blitz to get the message out that students are being held to the new higher Common Core standards, the day before students start taking tougher state tests. State Education Commissioner John King Jr. said he wouldn't be surprised if the number of students deemed proficient in math or English dropped by 35 percentage points.

IN OUR SCHOOLS: Delays Predicted in Common Core Success

Description: A Cincinnati newspaper says that although the Common Core is ultimately a good thing, it will likely take awhile for tests to reflect the improvement. Educators are concerned because so much is still unclear about the implementation of the tests, and whether the resources being created to align with the new standards will truly teach what students are meant to learn.

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