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How to Use the Common Core Communication Network

NSPRA has searched for and organized resources for you to easily find and use to communicate about the Common Core State Standards. You can search by topic, or by resource type, depending on whether you are looking for specific content or specific ways to deliver messages. Simply click on the link you are interested in reviewing, and a new page will bring you to all resources classified in that certain group.

All the information included has been reviewed and highlighted as helpful for communicators and leaders to start telling their Common Core story. NSPRA is serving a curator role of resources in the public domain. We chose those with the most relevance to communication. We thank many of our education colleagues for the work completed to date and we have listed links to their full offerings on the Common Core.

Members Receive More

We have also included practical and relevant resources developed by NSPRA, NSPRA members or by NSPRA member districts. NSPRA members have access to all the information provided — just make sure that you signed into the website as an NSPRA member. If you have difficulty accessing the members-only section of the website, please contact Tommy Jones (tjones@nspra.org). You must be logged in as an NSPRA member to access all of these resources. If you are not a member, you will have limited access. Now may be a great time to consider joining, as you will receive access to these materials and more as a member or subscriber to NSPRA. Just click on the Become a Member section on this website.

Special thanks to Jim Dunn, APR, who is the senior point person on this project. Jim has created many of the practical examples and templates in the members-only section of this resource.

A final note is that planning and research for the communication strategies and tactics for implementation of the Common Core is provided by NSPRA with assistance of a planning grant from the Pearson Education Foundation. We appreciate their assistance in helping us to get this resource started.

Be Proactive

With the right effort, review and analysis of these materials, you should be on your way to building better understanding about the Common Core State Standards in your school community. Do be proactive and don’t wait to react to critics and others in telling your story. If you leave a vacuum, others will surely fill it.

Rich Bagin, APR
NSPRA Executive Director

Common Core Communication Network Resources

​Click on the links below to view our Common Core Communication Network Resources. They are organized by Topic and Resource Type. NSPRA members may want to click on the sample letters, plans and toolkits to get a jump start on creating their own materials.