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The Common Core FAQ

Description: The NPR Education team (nprED) has answered 25 of the most-asked questions about the Common Core. When even comedians like Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K. are taking affront to it, it's important to let people know the facts about the reform and NPR stands ready to do just that.

Put Our Children 1st: Common Core for Common Goals

Description: The National Urban League Wire has published resources to help parents learn more and advocate for the Common Core. With a map, backgrounder, Q&A, and key messages, this succinct brief allows parents to quickly become familiar with what the Common Core is and how it will benefit their students.

Understanding the Common Core

Description: The Center for Public Education has developed a list of resources to help understand the Common Core. There's a report to separate fact from myth, presentations about implementation, articles, and other resources that will help you and your community understand the reform.

Common Core Q&A: Explaining New Standards for Florida Students

Description: A Florida newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel, answers some frequently asked questions regarding the Common Core. Questions include why the new standards are better than Florida’s old ones, why people oppose the Common Core, and concerns over student security, in addition to teacher feelings about the reform and new tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Description: NSPRA has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and shares the answers. Topics range from standards vs. curriculum, implementation, development, the government's role in them, and how they are intended to improve the American education system. Have a question that isn't addressed? Let us know at

Core Standards – FAQ

Description: Frequently asked questions developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Subjects include: overview, development process, implementation, future work, content and quality of the standards. It explains the importance of these standards, how they differ from previous attempts to reform education, and their role in helping improve education.

Common Sense on Common Core

Description: A fact sheet created by Change the Equation to help answer the basics about the Common Core. Learn what you need to know in this quick, easy-to-read common sense resource.

Technology Guidelines for PARCC Assessments

Description: Find answers to the more pressing questions concerning PARCC technology requirements and guidelines. In this quick-read FAQ, find out whether tablets can be used, what operating systems are necessary, and hardware and bandwidth specifications.

Common Core 101

Description: Common Core 101, a backgrounder prepared by the Alliance for Excellent Education, addresses six questions many critics and skeptics of the Common Core are asking.

Missouri Learning Standards & Common Core State Standards Communication Toolkit

Description: Page 14 of this toolkit is commonly asked questions and answers regarding the CCSS, and specific Missouri learning standards information.This resource allows education supports in MO to share information regarding the education reform taking place in their state, explain why it’s necessary, and how it will benefit the state’s students. The kit also ontains a letter to the community, a list of CCSS supporters, an overview of MO’s Common Core Standards, some key messages, facts and figures regarding college and career readiness, and some myth-busters about the Common Core.

Common Core State Standards Frequently Asked Questions

Description: Designed to help you understand the basics of the Common Core, this document will enlighten you and allow you to share the information you learn with your community.

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