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National PTA Common Core Video Series

Description: This video series, developed through a partnership with the Hunt Institute, was designed to educate parents on the Common Core State Standards and empower them to support the transition at school and at home. The second and seventh videos in this series relate to curriculum aligment and standards.

The Common Core FAQ

Description: The NPR Education team (nprED) has answered 25 of the most-asked questions about the Common Core. When even comedians like Stephen Colbert and Louis C.K. are taking affront to it, it's important to let people know the facts about the reform and NPR stands ready to do just that.

Understanding the Common Core Curriculum: A Guide for Parents

Description: As Common Core implementation rolls out, it is important to educate parents on the curriculum. Scholastic has developed a guide to help parents understand what the Common Core means for their children.

Introductory Videos on the Common Core State Standards

Description: Watch videos explaining the changes to math and ELA/Literacy expectations from Achieve the Core, a part of Student Achievement Partners. You can also sign up to receive updates through e-mail about the Common Core, and learn more about the Common Core depending on your position and grade level of interest.

An Idiot’s Guide to the Common Core

Description: In an Independent article, the author uses California schools as the example to explain Common Core school reform. They spoke with several California teachers to learn what the changes mean: how does it work, why does it work, and how does it help? This puts Common Core in concrete terms to help people understand what it really does and will look like.

Common Core a Steep Climb

One of the nation’s most prominent education publications, Education Week, created a four-part series on the Common Core. Common Core: A Steep Climb highlights Washington D.C.’s commitment to the Common Core, a veteran teacher struggling to prepare her students for the new standards, preparing for year-end tests, and finally a free Common Core chat that was hosted on June 17.

Learning about Common Core Resources Available for Teachers

Although this isn’t exactly a resource to communicate about the Common Core, it will help you discuss what the Common Core is, why it is necessary, and how it will help students. With more than 80 resources to help educators teach math, language arts, and science, it’s a great resource to have in your back pocket.

Two New Math Programs Help Georgia Students and Teachers Meet More Rigorous Common Core State Standards

Description: The Georgia State Board of Education has reviewed and recommended two newly developed high school programs aligned to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS): Carnegie Learning CCGPS Analytic Geometry and CCGPS Advanced Algebra. The courses deliver highly personalized mathematics learning for students of varying skill levels. The curricula are written specifically to meet the requirements of the CCGPS and to support mathematics instructors in the transition to the new common core standards.


CCSSO Webinar: One Percent Assessment Consortia and the Common Core

Description: CCSSO hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the two 1% percent assessment consortia, Dynamic Learning Maps and the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) Partnership. These new alternate assessments that serve students with the most significant cognitive disabilities will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and are expected to fit cohesively within the comprehensive assessment systems under development by the federal grant recipients: the Partnership for Assessment Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced). Both DLM and NCSC are to be ready for use by the 2014-15 school year, the same year in which the comprehensive assessment systems will be operational.

CCSSO Webinar: Overview of the English Language Proficiency Development Framework

Description: CCSSO is pleased to announce the publication of a new CCSSO resource to provide guidance to states on aligning English Language Proficiency standards with the Common Core State Standards and the forthcoming Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The English Language Proficiency Development (ELPD) Framework outlines the underlying English language practices found in the CCSS and the NGSS, communicates to ELL stakeholders the language that all ELLs must acquire in order to successfully engage the CCSS and NGSS, and specifies a procedure by which to evaluate the degree of alignment present between the Framework and ELP standards under consideration or adopted by states.

Framework for English Language Proficiency Development Standards corresponding to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards

Description: The purpose of this framework is to help school systems design their English Language Proficiency programs to meet the standards put forth by the CCSS and the NGSS. Not only will it meet these new standards, but it also helps to prepare students for college and careers. It explains what states are doing and how expectations differ for English Language Learners.

IN OUR SCHOOLS: Delays Predicted in Common Core Success

Description: A Cincinnati newspaper says that although the Common Core is ultimately a good thing, it will likely take awhile for tests to reflect the improvement. Educators are concerned because so much is still unclear about the implementation of the tests, and whether the resources being created to align with the new standards will truly teach what students are meant to learn.

Common Core GPS

Description: Cobb County School District shared their microsite designed to help people navigate and understand the Common Core. There are resources for educators and parents, as well as a timeline, and more topic-specific information. Cobb County Schools describe the Common Core State Standards as a way to build upon the strength of current standards to boost the competitive advantage of American students, who for the first time will have the opportunity to meet the academic standards set by top-performing countries.

Bryant Public Schools Common Core Website

Description: Bryant Public Schools has put together a website to explain the Common Core to its constituents. The Arkansas school district has broken down information by grade level, information for parents, tools and templates, and professional development. This resource gives a full understanding of what the Common Core looks like in Arkansas, so communicators can accurately discuss it.

Example Common Core Video

Description: In Park Hill School District, district administrators shared information about the Common Core - how the school is transitioning to it, what to expect, and how it will benefit students. You can use this video as an example if your district wants to recreate it.

Common Core Video Resource

Description: Nick Kremer, Language Arts and Social Studies Coordinator at Columbia Public Schools discusses the Common Core Standards implementation and what it means to their district.

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