Call for Candidates - 2018

The Executive Board Search Committee (EBSC) is currently seeking candidates for each NSPRA Executive Board office that will become available October 1, 2017.

These offices are:

  • President-elect (will serve as 2019-20 President)
  • Southeast Region Vice President (term: 2018-2021)
  • Northwest Region Vice President (term: 2018-2021)

Members from Alabama and Oregon are ineligible to run this year for the offices of Regional Vice President, according to Association bylaws.

Any NSPRA members interested in being considered as candidates should submit the following information to Dan Thigpen, Chair, Executive Board Search Committee, c/o NSPRA, 15948 Derwood Rd., Rockville, MD 20855 by April 1, 2018:

  1. A formal letter to the EBSC submitting your name and qualifications for consideration.
  2. A one-page summary describing why you wish to serve as President or Vice President of NSPRA and what you feel you can contribute to the Association.
  3. A minimum of two supporting letters of nomination from NSPRA colleagues in good standing.
  4. A copy of your resume.
  5. A signed copy of the NSPRA Commitment to Service Agreement.
  6. A signed copy of the NSPRA Candidate Pledge form. 

The election will be held in August and successful candidates will assume office on October 1, 2018. Should candidates for office run uncontested, no election will be held and the candidate will be affirmed by acclamation of the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting in July 2018. Following the April 1, 2018, deadline for nominations, the EBSC is responsible for obtaining any additional information from candidates that it may need in order to decide on a slate. The EBSC will complete the work of securing candidates and report the slate to the President and Executive Director by May 1, 2018. The EBSC is responsible for presenting the slate of candidates at the National Seminar in Anaheim this July.

For more information about running for office, contact Dan Thigpen, Executive Board Search Committee chair, at 916-294-9000 ext 104550 or, or Karen Kleinz, APR, NSPRA associate director, at 301-519-1227 or

Running for an NSPRA Office: Election and Campaign Information